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Ryan Cremona Founder & Managing Director


3PLEX GROUP, based in Malta and operating with customers from various countries, brings together a suite of training, aircraft operational, maintenance, design and storage management solutions that can be adapted to suit your needs and requirements. The team consists of highly accredited and experienced aviation professionals dedicated to providing knowledgeable counsel and representation to owners and operators of private and corporate aircraft. Whether you are buying, selling or exchanging aircraft, looking for training or storage solutions, 3PLEX GROUP is there to facilitate your every need.

3PLEX GROUP offers a comprehensive and streamlined portfolio of professional, operational, engineering and management services fully capable of managing both the aircraft and engines throughout their complete life cycle. From the time the aircraft leaves the factory until it is finally withdrawn from service, significant financial savings can be realised through superior management services – 3PLEX GROUP does this proficiently. Other services offered by the group include training, storage, design solutions and data management.

The Group employs numerous specialists and aviation experts in order to deliver high-quality products and services. The company’s goal is to support airlines and MROs worldwide with an increasingly digital approach to aviation. Its trusted solutions are inspired by real airline use cases and are fine-tuned over years.

We asked Ing. Ryan Cremona, Founder & Managing Director of 3PLEX GROUP, about his vision of the Aviation Industry and the company.

AM: What are the key trends in the Aviation Industry and how are the customers’ needs and requirements changing?

RC: In the current constantly changing environment, customers are looking more than ever for a secure, reliable and proven service provider. They value their resources and aim to find a one-stop solution for all their needs. The different branches of our Group provide comprehensive solutions to meet promptly all aviation requirements.

AM: Why do you recommend our readers to choose the Maltese Islands for their aviation needs?

RC: During the past years, we have seen significant growth of the Aviation Industry thanks to the local Authorities’ strategy to develop the sector. In this respect, we are pleased to offer highly valued professional services within this crucial industry. From both a financial and legal point of view, Malta offers plenty of benefits as an Aviation Hub. In addition to the above, the Islands’ strategic geographical location in the Middle of the Mediterranean is convenient for Operators worldwide. Furthermore, as a member of the European Union the country is applying the EASA standards.

AM: You have recently announced the launch of Design-21 Projects. Are you working on further upcoming projects?

RC: Less than two years after launching Aviation Maintenance Academy, we received the approval licence of the last addition to the group, Design-21 Projects. This came after continuous efforts of the team. To complement further the portfolio of services offered by the Group, a line maintenance company is in the pipeline. Preparation works are ongoing and we look very much forward to sharing more details soonest.

Group Overview

In 2013, 3PLEXAERO wasthefirstlocallyestablishedstand- alone CAMO providing services specifically aimed to fulfil all aviation safety requirements, help increase safety and prove processes at reduced costs. The company prides itselfon its formation, based on: Compliance, Commitment and Quality thus ensuring peace of mind when it comes to airworthiness and maintenance management.

Aircraft Take-ons and Handbacks

3PLEX AERO processes are designed to ensure its customers effective savings on time and money during aircraft take-ons and/ or handbacks. The processes are purposely designed to p rovide a seamless, cost-effective measure during aircraft phase-in/s and redeliveries. 3PLEX AERO ensures compliance against delivery/ return lease conditions providing its expertise required during import/export certification.

CAMO Part-M Subpart-G Services

3PLEX AERO’s extensive experience in Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) services allows clients to maximise their business efficiency whilst minimising overhead costs. Operators will surely get the best CAS available thus supporting operators not to heavily invest in full-time salaries.

3PLEX AERO is committed to protect your valued assets through its experience, resources and on- going knowledge, ensuring that no task or check is missing thanks to its real time maintenance forecasting system.

Consultancy Services

With its extensive portfolio, 3PLEX AERO can offer a wide range of services including consultancy and advice, regulatory compliance support and airworthiness and management services. As your maintenance management partner, 3PLEX AERO will provide customer focused services designed to help improve processes and increase safety whilst reducing costs within your business.

Manuals, Expositions & Procedures Development

3PLEX AERO helps its clients to comply with EASA regulations, either as a start-up operation, during approval variations or upon extension of capability.

Fortrex is the first asset record company specifically aimed to Malta’s aviation industry. Fortrex comprises of underground storage facilities intended to provide adequate storage place for operator/lessors to asset hard copy historical records. Safety is any commercial aircraft operator’s highest priority, and Aircraft Maintenance is a highly regulated and intensely documented process that produces millions of pages of records every day around the world. The organisation helps our Aviation customers by ensuring that the right documents are available in the shortest possible time frames, because time on the ground erodes the profitability of any commercial aircraft operation.

Fortrex provides different services amongst which are Storage Solutions, Data Management, Document and Large Format Scanning, Online Access, Delivery / Red- delivery and Security.

Design-21 Projects is an EASA approved design organisation providing approval and certification for minor changes specifically to aircraft interiors and exterior design layouts both to commercial and corporate jet aircrafts. Founded in 2019 as an aeronautical engineering firm, Design-21 Projects offers high quality interior solutions to a wide range of airline companies and lessors. Its core activities comprise of the following:

-Preparation of design documentation for aeronautical products or changes thereto

-Identification, assignment and interpretation of Certification Specification (CS) and environmental protection regulations

-Verification that the design is safe and meets the airworthiness requirements of the Certification Specification

-Preparation and application for official design approvals

Aviation Maintenance Academy (AMA) is an EASA approved maintenance training organisation, MT.147.09, in compliance with Section A of Annex IV (Part-147) of Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014, providing aircraft type training and other supplemental training courses. The primary objective of AMA is to provide training services fulfilling the requirements set by EU/EASA regulations and to satisfy the expectations of its customers. AMA is committed to follow activities and monitor quality at all levels. Its personnel meticulously perform to achieve quality objectives to the highest standards. The management is committed to sustain this obligation. Various Engineering/ Airworthiness, Aircraft/Maintenance TypePart-66/ Part-147), Regulation/Legislation, Monitoring/ Management, Psychosocial and Recurrent as well as tailor-made training courses are offered.

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