Puja Mahajan

CEO and Co-Founder, Azzera


Big Vision

Azzera is Italian for reset and that summarizes the company’s vision – to help its clients reset their carbon footprint as they move towards carbon neutrality.

“We created a simplified experience for aircraft owners, operators and individual passengers to take their first steps towards carbon neutrality. Azzera’s unique approach guides you through measuring emissions, reducing your footprint, accessing carbon markets and sourcing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Drawing from our expertise in private aviation, we are working with clients on both compliance-based and voluntary carbon offset programs,” says Puja Mahajan, CEO and Co-Founder, Azzera.

Aviation Expertise

Puja Mahajan is an experienced executive with considerable expertise in industrial and service- oriented companies.

A mechanical and environmental engineer by training, Puja began her career at Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Later, she moved to Bombardier Aerospace, holding several roles including Director, Flight Operations. In 2013, Puja joined private aviation services provider Elit’Avia. In 2016, she became CEO.

“The first chapter in my career allowed me to gain a wonderful understanding of aircraft manufacturing and operations. When I moved to Elit’Avia, the focus shifted to aircraft management, charter and related services. It was at this time that I first started working with Transport Malta’s Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD). In the process of earning our Maltese air operator certificate (AOC), I came to appreciate that the Maltese private aviation community is an exceptional group of professionals dedicated to excellence and focused on the future.”

Bridging Aviation and Sustainability

Having experienced the challenges of measuring aircraft carbon emissions under the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS), Puja developed an understanding of compliance-based and voluntary carbon markets. Then, she started to focus on a key question – How to merge years of experience in private aviation with a forward-looking commitment to advancing sustainability?

“I know from years of experience that it can be difficult to reconcile aviation and sustainability. But I also realized that meaningful change was more likely to come from within the industry. In other words, aviation insiders are more likely to successfully initiate change than activists, academics or elected officials. We also know that aircraft owners and operators want to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but generally lack effective tools to address this challenge without incurring significant time and cost. This is where the idea for Azzera was born. How could we leverage our expertise to confront one of the biggest challenges facing our generation?”

The Offering

The Azzera team diligently selects and verifies offset projects, delivers proof of carbon-neutral flights and retirement certificates, and can help aircraft owners achieve carbon neutrality across all operations.

Azzera works with aircraft owners and operators to manage their participation in compliance programs, including EU, Swiss and UK ETS.

The company also provides direct access to the voluntary carbon offsetting market via their online retail marketplace, which operators can independently access without an intermediary.

Azzera is the only provider to double verify carbon offset projects to ensure best practices and provide peace of mind.

Offset initiatives include ICAO CORSIA-eligible offsets, forestry, hydroelectricity, biochar and wind power projects worldwide.

“Considering that the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) is committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, aircraft owners and operators need to act now. This is where we come in–by identifying and facilitating access to the highest quality carbon offset initiatives on the market.”

Next Steps

In the near term, Azzera will roll out an easy-to-access market exchange for trading carbon and other environmental credits, designed primarily to serve the business aviation market. It will become the world’s first centralized exchange for trading carbon credits that utilizes block chain for transaction recording and transparency.

Within the next five years, the Azzera team expects to witness the widespread adoption of carbon- neutral flights and operations across the aviation industry. The company’s objective is to position its carbon credit exchange as a central catalyst for the advancement of the aviation industry’s journey towards carbon neutrality.

In parallel, Azzera will expand its reach to serve other high-carbon-emitting industries.

“Our ultimate objective is to enable organizations and individuals to effortlessly fight climate change. Investment in carbon avoidance and removal projects is essential. We are facilitating that process. In this first phase, we are targeting private aviation – the industry we know best. But going forward, we will apply ourselves to a growing number of sectors. Basically, any industry that generates GHGs can partner with Azzera to reduce their environmental impact,” concludes Puja Mahajan.

About Us

Azzera is an innovative provider of carbon offsetting and compliance solutions. The company was founded on the belief that investing in the protection of our environment should be simple. Business owners and managers seeking to implement carbon- neutral operations, and individual consumers wanting to make responsible environmental choices all require support to reach their objectives. Azzera’s mission is to make going carbon neutral effortless.

Puja Mahajan may be reached at puja.mahajan@azzera.com

For more information please visit https://azzera.com/