Finductive: Our Vision of Modern Banking and Payments

Payments are vital for every company regardless of size or industry. Finductive recognises and understands that setting up a bank account or payment account causes a lot of frustration and is a time-consuming process for many companies, especially those that are recently incorporated or new to the country. The management team at Finductive has experienced this first-hand, and their mission is to put the client at the core of operations and make the experience of setting up an account as pain-free and efficient as possible.

Businesses are starting to move away from con=ventional banking methods and towards other financial service providers, that can provide speedy onboarding, fast transactions, and the latest technology. Conventional banks cannot respond as quickly as the customer wants and needs. This is where fintech is moving forward at a fast pace, outrunning traditional banks when it comes to customer service, seamless account opening and new technologies.

Finductive Ltd is a regulated Financial Institution based in Malta, offering clients corporate payment accounts with dedicated IBAN, SWIFT and SEPA Payments and the ability to send and receive funds in a multitude of currencies.

Incorporated in 2018 and granted the European Financial Institution license by the Malta Financial Services Authority in 2019, Finductive has seen immense growth over the past 3 years merging online banking with payment services to provide its clients with the best customer experience when it comes to making fast and secure transactions.

Opening an Account with Finductive

Applications are made easy with the online onboarding platform, which makes opening an account a streamlined experience from start to finish. Every step of the application can be done digitally, saving time and enabling Finductive to service clients on a global level. Customised onboarding means that each client is reviewed by the risk and compliance team with a complete risk review across numerous industries and jurisdictions to ensure that the business is understood holistically.

The payment platform

With accessibility to the payment platform 24/7 and the ability to view and download transactions immediately, clients have full control over their operations. Director Julian Goffin has seen how the world of payments has changed in recent years.

How clients work, and their needs have changed. Whereas once it was acceptable for a payment to be made within specific banking hours and for the payments to move at a slower pace, clients now must be able to know that they can access their funds and make payments whenever the need arises, thus giving them more control over their accounts.

Debit Cards

Deduct funds directly from your Finductive account with the peace of mind and security that VISA has to offer. The debit card is linked directly to your corporate payment account providing you with access to your money whenever you need it and with the knowledge of having a card that is readily acceptable worldwide.

Currency conversion

The online payment platform gives clients access to send and receive funds in over 120 currencies, with a live rate function which provides users with the exact amount that the transaction will cost. With access to all major currencies, clients can hold several currencies in their accounts for up to 75 days.

Cost Efficient

When it comes to pricing, Finductive’s fee schedule is transparent, meaning that customers are given the costs upfront at the application stage and there are no hidden charges once the account is open and active. Compared to other payment providers, the fees are amongst the most competitive on the market across the board – from set-up costs to SEPA and SWIFT transaction charges.

Award Winning

Even though Finductive has only been in operation for 3 years, they are already award winners on an international level. Having won Best alternative banking solution in Europe in 2021 and again in North America in 2022, proving that they have the strong ability to service clients worldwide and are being recognised for doing so.

The Team

The team at Finductive are experienced when it comes to payments and is dedicated to understanding the needs of the industry and more importantly, the individual wants of the client.

Finductive Ltd (C 89272) is a limited liability company incorporated in Malta, regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority of Triq l-Imdina, Zone 1, Central Business District, Birkirkara, CBD 1010, Malta, and licensed to operate as a financial institution carrying out the activities of payment services in accordance with the Second Schedule of the Financial Institutions Act (Ch. 376 of the Laws of Malta).

Level 2C, Centris Business Gateway II Triq is-Salib tal-Imriehel, Zone 3 Central Business District

Birkirkara, CBD 3020